Ways to Give Back

Retreat Costs

To produce a single retreat the overall cost runs between $3500 and $5000. Part of the largest expense is housing veterans and staff that live outside the area. For one veteran housing cost can be $440 for the weekend and averaging housing for a normal weekend $1760 to $2200. Food and facility costs average another $1400. This doesn't include administration costs. Marketing, phone, insurance, etc.

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Monthly Contributions

By providing a monthly contribution via your credit card, it brings a projected amount of income to support these retreats. The saying every little bit counts is true. Each person cotributing a small amount over the course of a year adds up to a large amount that the organization can count on to help pay the way for a veteran to attend at no charge. The amount is small to you, but when many people give, those small amounts add up. Consider a reoccurring donation as a small way of protecting your freedoms.

One Time Contributions

A one time contribution gives the organization immediate access to funds to start scheduling and financing retreats. One time contributions can range from $10 to $100 or any amount you choose to give. By having money in hand we can better forecast our retreats and make them available quicker and service more veterans over the course of a year.

Corporate Contributions

Corporate, business or organizational donations can be made with a corporate or business credit card at any time. We give you a ranges of donations or you can specify a specific amount to be given. Corporate donations of $500 or more will be placed on our sponsors page and a link back to their site along with a discription of their business.

Contributions by Check or Money Order

We also accept donations by check or money order. When making a donation by check, make it payable to Veterans for Diversity, Inc. and in the memo line place Healing Warrior Hearts so we can accredit it to the proper program.

Send the check or money order to:

Healing Warrior Hearts
c/o Veterans For Diversity, Inc.
2025 S 107th Street
West Allis, WI 53226-1232

Legacy Giving

Legacy giving is another way to give back. Leaving money, property or an item of value for the organization to sell is also a way to give back.

You can do this with simple entrie in your will. We have an FAQ that answers your questions on how to contribute through this form of giving.

Philanthropy Code of Ethics Gift Acceptance Guidelines

Another Way to Give

When you click on the Amazon Smile logo below when making purchases through Amazon a portion of your purchase will be donated to Veterans for Diversity to help veterans. This is a way to give back while enjoying your purchases from Amazon.


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